VENEROR CONSULTANCY was established in March 2018 in Bursa with a specialist team in Supply Chain Management, Project Management and Logistics Fields.

• Operational excellence
• Leading logistics supply chain services (LLP)
• Effective risk and cost management
• Superiority in supply chain management
• Unconditional customer satisfaction

With its expert and dynamic human resources, our company aims to make great strides towards becoming a continuously rising company in Europe and the Middle East region. We increase our exports in competitive world markets and we value the societies we serve.

Our company is to export ready food, fresh food, ready clothing, household products and more. Our customers take on a complex supply chain management, giving them a fast and fast service. We create value by increasing the purchasing power of our customers and lowering their total costs in procurement, retail product management and inventory management processes.

In addition, we plan all processes and provide services with our turnkey projects.

In this process, our expert team handles:
• Feasibility Studies
• Project and Design Drawings
• Supply of Products and Services
• Start Up
• Building Business Management Strategy.

As we grow together with our customers, we guarantee to provide the best service and the best conditions.

We expect you to get in touch with us from for detailed information.

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