VENEROR CONSULTANCY will do the feasibility study of your needs in order to be a solution partner with our customers. It produces partial or complete project solutions with these studies. We manage these from the Project drawing to the Opening as a turnkey project, and we take full responsibility for what we do. Turnkey projects are completed with our expert staff and solution partners taking into account the wishes of the customers.
Project management can be explained as following steps;
1. Feasibility study
2. Project drawings
3. Identification of required equipment and materials
4. Purchase of equipment with the best quality / price ratio
5. Design for purchased equipment
6. Installation of all equipment according to project drawings
7. Grand Opening
8. Complete delivery of the project
We meet professionalism, expectations with the highest standards.



The solution for large-scale retail businesses such as supermarket chains, hypermarket chains and store chains is one of our most experienced areas. “VISION OF THE INSTITUTIONAL WORLD BUSINESS SERVICE”. We do this service with the help of our honesty and knowledge.

Our Procurement Service consists of the following steps;
1. Our purchasing department finds the most suitable companies for the products to be procured using the negotiation skills and makes price negotiations,
2. We will coordinate the purchases made with our operations department,
3. Cargo consolidation is provided with our warehouse department,

The above three services for corporate retailers are combined together:
1. Low purchase costs
2. Higher purchasing power
3. Low shipping costs
Institutional retailers need to make all of their procurements on their own, or they have to procure parts of the supply chain management from the outside. “WE ARE IN BUSINESS IN THE CORPORATE WORLD” is the most profitable and important for the quickest we can do.
We use our local experience and expertise to work for the benefit of our customers. As a result; they can put the best quality product on the shelves of institutional retailers.


VENEROR CONSULTANCY, Offering all kinds of product supply and supply chain solutions for corporate customers as foreign trade service. With our existing relationships, we provide value in the form of better prices, high quality standards in our services and effective market penetration.
As VC INTERNATIONAL TRADE, we actively trade in the following fields;
• Hyper market installation equipment
• Ready Textile and Clothing
• Ready Foods
• Fresh Food
• Household appliances
• Home textiles
• Cosmic Products
• Fertilizers (granule and periled UREA)

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